3D-COFORM Project


The 3D-COFORM aims at developing new tools and enrich existing tools to create 3D digital representations of cultural artefacts, linking the 3D representations to other information about the artefacts, and for use in other applications. During the project a Virtual Centre of Competence will be established to provide services and expertise to the CH community and encourage widespread adoption of the technologies. Our contribution will focus on:

  •  The design of tools for the embedding and detection of 3D watermarking
  • The definition and the application of specific procedures for the acquisition of 3D models from some of the most important museums in Florence
Title 3D-COFORM: Tools and Expertise for 3D Collection Formation
Status Project Expired.
Tipology IP PROJECT Funded by EU 7th FP Reference: IST-231809
Duration Dec. 2008 - Dec. 2012
Budget 8M €
Link http://www.3d-coform.eu/
Research area Multimedia & Digital Signal Processing
Unit coordinator Vito Cappellini - MICC