MC3-Care Project

MC3-Care is proposed as a forum in which to analyze organizational processes and new scenarios of interaction between citizens, health care institutions and many others involved in delivering health services. The citizen becomes the focal point of the new health ecosystem and collaborates and shares information with not only health professionals but also with other citizens. The model being proposed by MC3-Care is aimed, therefore, not only to citizenspatients but is open to all those who want to improve the relationship with their health, quicker and easier interaction with the social and health institutions. MC3-Care objective, therefore, is "thinking" an integrated Platform for record, synch and share data and to access health and lifestyle information in mobility, putting the citizen at the heart of this new "world of health 2.0.

Title Mobile Continuos Connected Comprehensive – Care
Status Project Active.
Tipology PON “Research and Competitiveness 2007-2013
Duration July 2012 - June 2015
Budget 100K €
Research Area Terrestrial and Satellite Wireless Communications
Unit Coordinator Prof. E. Del Re