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Alessia De Rosa was born in Florence, Italy, in 1972. She received the Electronic Engineering degree and the Ph.D. degree in Informatics and Telecommunications from the University of Florence (Italy) in 1998 and 2002 respectively.

Since 2002, she has been working at the University of Florence as a post-doc researcher with the Department of Electronics and Telecommunications, now Department of Information Engineering, involved in the research activities of the IAPP - Image Analysis Processing and Protection Group, in the framework of National and International Research Projects. She also collaborates with the National Inter-University Consortium for Telecommunications (CNIT).

Since 2010 she contributes to the activity of FORLAB, Forensic Science Laboratory, at the PIN, base of the University of Florence in Prato.



Her main research interests are in the field of image processing and protection, including digital watermarking, human perception models for watermarking and quality assessment, image processing for industrial, medical and Cultural Heritage applications and image forensics for the integrity verification of visual content.
She has carried on these research activities in the framework of numerous projects.

She is co-author of publications on international journals and conferences as well as book chapters and she holds an Italian patent regarding digital watermarking. She is reviewer for several international journals and conferences in the field of image processing and security, including IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security, International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP), Information Hiding (IH). She was co-editor of the Proceedings “1st and 2nd COST#276 Workshop on Information and Knowledge Management for Integrated Media Communication”, November 27-29, 2001, Leganes, Madrid (SPAIN) - March, 25-26, 2002, Firenze (ITALY); member of the Organizing Committee of the “2004 International Workshop On Multimedia Signal Processing”, September 29 - October 1, 2004, Siena (ITALY); member of the Organizing Committee of the “2005 International Workshop On Digital Watermarking”, September 15-17, 2005, Siena (ITALY).



The research activity has been developed in the framework of National and International Projects funded by the European Commission. In particular:

  • Project EU IST REWIND, 2011-2014 (CNIT)
  • Project EU IST LivingKnowledge, 2009-2012 (CNIT)
  • Project EU IST SPEED (Signal Processing in the EncryptEd Domain), 2006- 2009 (UNIFI)
  • Project EU IST ECRYPT (European Network of Excellence in Cryptology), 2004- 2008 (CNIT)
  • Project PRIN2007 “Privacy aware processing of encrypted signals for treating sensitive information” funded by MIUR, 2008-2010 (UNIFI)


Main Publications

International Journals:

  1. P.Ferrara, T.Bianchi, A.De Rosa, A.Piva, "Image Forgery Localization via Fine-Grained Analysis of CFA Artifacts",  IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics & Security, vol. 7,  no. 5,  Oct. 2012 (published online June 2012),  pp. 1566-1577.
  2. A.Piva, T.Bianchi, A.De Rosa, "Secure Client-Side ST-DM Watermark Embedding",  IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics & Security, vol. 5,  no. 1,  March 2010,  pp. 13-26.
  3. A.Pelagotti, A.Del Mastio, A.De Rosa, A.Piva, "Multispectral imaging of paintings",  IEEE Signal Processing Magazine, vol. 25,  no. 4,  July 2008,  pp. 27-36.
  4. A.Piva, A.De Rosa, F.Bartolini, M.Barni, "Data hiding technologies for digital radiographies",  IEE Proceedings on Vision, Image & Signal Processing, vol. 152,  no. 5,  October 2005,  pp. 604-610.
  5. V.Cappellini, M.Barni, M.Corsini, A.De Rosa, A.Piva, "ArtShop: an art-oriented image processing tool for cultural heritage applications",  The Journal of Visualization and Computer Animation, vol. 14,  no. 3,  July 2003,  pp. 149-158.
  6. M.Barni, F.Bartolini, A.De Rosa, A.Piva, "Optimum Decoding and Detection of Multiplicative Watermarks",  IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, Special Issue on Signal Processing for Data Hiding in Digital Media & Secure Delivery, vol. 51,  no. 4,  April 2003,  pp. 1118-1123.
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  8. M.Barni, F.Bartolini, A.De Rosa, A.Piva, "A New Decoder for the Optimum Recovery of Non-Additive Watermarks",  IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, vol. 10,  no. 5,  May 2001,  pp. 755-766.
  9. M.Barni, F.Bartolini, A.De Rosa, A.Piva, "Capacity of Full Frame DCT Image Watermarks",  IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, vol. 9,  no. 8,  August 2000,  pp. 1450-1455.

International Conferences:

  1. M.Fontani, T.Bianchi, A.De Rosa, A.Piva, M.Barni, "A Dempster-Shafer Framework for Decision Fusion in Image Forensics",  Proceedings of WIFS 2011, Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil,  Nov.-Dec. 2011.
  2. T.Bianchi, A.De Rosa, A.Piva, "Improved DCT Coefficient Analysis for Forgery Localization in JPEG Images",  Proceedings of ICASSP 2011, Prague, Czech Republic,  May 2011.
  3. M.Fontani, A.De Rosa, R.Caldelli, F.Filippini, A.Piva, M.Consalvo, V.Cappellini, "Reversible Watermarking for Image Integrity Verification in Hierarchical PACS",  Proceedings of the 12th ACM workshop on Multimedia and security 2010, Rome, Italy, 9-10 Sept 2010.
  4. F.Uccheddu, A.De Rosa, A.Piva, M.Barni, "Detection of Resampled Images: Performance Analysis and Practical Challenges",  Proceedings of 18th European Signal Processing Conference EUSIPCO 2010, Aalborg, Denmark,  August 23-27, 2010.
  5. A.De Rosa, F.Uccheddu, A.Costanzo, A.Piva, M.Barni, "Exploring image dependencies: a new challenge in image forensics",  Media Forensics and Security II, , Proceedings of SPIE, San Jose, California, USA,  17-21 January 2010.
  6. A.Piva, T.Bianchi, A.De Rosa, "Client side embedding for ST-DM watermarks",  Proceedings of ICIP 2009, Cairo, Egypt,  Nov. 2009.
  7. P.Zontone, G.Boato, F.G.B.De Natale, A.De Rosa, M.Barni, A.Piva, J. S.Hare, D.Dupplaw, P. H.Lewis, "Image Diversity Analysis: Context, Opinion And Bias",  The First International Workshop on Living Web: Making Web Diversity a true asset, Washington DC., USA,  26 October 2009.


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