The project addresses the development of new tools and solutions for processing sensitive information like biometric or biomedical signals in a non-trusted scenario, while ensuring that the privacy of the involved parties is preserved. Within this project, we investigate the possibility of processing signals in the encrypted domain for privacy-aware treatment of sensitive information. By relying on advanced cryptographic primitives like homomorphic encryption and multiparty computation, we will analyze the possibility of developing secure signal processing primitives like linear transforms, scalar products or FIR filters capable of operating on encrypted data. The developed signal processing primitives will be used as building blocks for more complex pattern recognition tools.

Title Privacy aware processing of encrypted signals for treating sensitive information
Status Project Expired.
Tipology PRIN - MIUR
Duration Sept. 2008 – Sept. 2010
Budget 100 k€ (28 k€)
Research area Security & Privacy
Unit Coordinator Alessandro Piva - Università degli Studi di Firenze