Multimedia & Digital Signal Processing

Remote Sensing

Remote sensing is a technology for gathering data and information about the physical world by detecting and measuring signals emanating from specific source targets on the Earth's land surface, oceans, and atmosphere. Since the final product of remote sensing is usually an image displaying some physical properties of the observed area, image processing techniques play a very important role in the production, organization and interpretation of data acquired by remote sensing technologies.


Image Processing

Image processing is any form of processing applied to an input image and whose output may be either the processed image or a set of parameters or features extracted from the image itself.


MIDST Project

MIDST Project, funded by the Tuscany Region in the framework of the Regional Health Research Program 2009, is carried out by the National Institute of Optics (INO) in Florence. Our team works with INO in the research activities concerning the development of data and image processing tools for the early diagnosis of melanomas.

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