An overview of Diffusion Models in Multimedia Forensics: Generating and Detecting Synthetic Images

We are happy to announce an upcoming seminar where our newest PhD student, Giulia Bertazzini, will present on the topic of “Diffusion Models in Multimedia Forensics: Generating and Detecting Images”.

During this seminar, Giulia will provide a comprehensive introduction to diffusion models and will explore current state-of-the-art techniques for detecting content produced by them. Attendees can expect the following:

  1. Introduction to Diffusion Models: Giulia will explain the underlying principles and functioning of diffusion models.
  2. Generating Realistic Images: An exploration of how diffusion models can create highly realistic images, blurring the distinction between authentic and generated content.
  3. Syntetic Imaged Detection: An examination of how forensic practictioners can exploit subtle traced left by diffusion models to detect synthetic images.

Join Us

This seminar is open to students, researchers, and anyone interested in multimedia forensics and generative models. Whether you are an expert in the field or a newcomer, we invite you to join us.

About the speaker

Giulia is a first-year PhD student with a strong interest in multimedia forensics. Her area of research focuses on the detection of artificial content created by generative models, including GANs and Diffusion Models.