Audio Forensics Seminar

We are happy to announce an upcoming seminar where our newest visiting posdoctoral researcher, Gül Tahaoğlu, will present on the topic of “Audio forensics”.

During this seminar, Gül will present the KTU Cyber Security Research Group and some of their recent reasearch endevors. Attendees can expect the following:

  1. Audio copy-move detection: via feature matching on MEL spectogram.
  2. Audio forgery localization: via a super-resolution spectogram and a keypoint-based clustering.
  3. Deepfake audio: a research project for the detection of synthetic speech based on artificial intelligence.

Join Us

This seminar is open to students, researchers, and anyone interested in multimedia forensics and generative models. Whether you are an expert in the field or a newcomer, we invite you to join us.

About the speaker

Gül is a posdoctoral reasearch from Karadeniz Technical University with a strong interest in audio forensics. Her area of research focuses on the detection tampered …. .