Alessandro Nozzoli

Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell'Informazione
UniversitĂ  degli Studi di Firenze
Via di S. Marta, 3 - 50139 Firenze Italia
Telefono: +39 055 2758548
e-mail: alessandro.nozzoli(at)

  • Short Bio
Alessandro Nozzoli was born in San Piero a Sieve (Florence) on 1961. In the 1980 he got the upper-school degree at I.P.S.I.A. "B. Cellini" - Florence. Since November 1981 he worked in the University of Florence - Dept. Electronic Engineering. He acquired a good knowledge about programming languages (Fortran, C), operating systems (RSX-11M, VAX/VMS, ULTRIX, SunOS, OSF, Linux and Windows) and network management (DECnet, TCP/IP). He has been involved in several research projects such as "CNR - Progetto Finalizzato Telecomunicazioni", European Project (MUSA, RAMA, TELEMED, IMPRIMATUR, EVAN, 3D-COFORM) and PRIN National Projects . At the moment he is the system manager in the "Signal Processing and Communications Laboratory" at Dept. of Electronics and Telecommunications , manager of the Department of Electronic and Telecommunications Network.

  • Courses
Since 1985 he has collaborated with Professor Francini exercises  of Applied Electronics Course Laboratory. Since 1990 he has collaborated with Prof. Cappellini exercises  of Electrical Communications Course Laboratory. He has prepared the documentation for the Image Processing Course for the NETTUNO Consortium. He also co-written documentation relating to the Multimedia Systems Course for the Cultural Heritage released by the CNIT Consortium.

  • Publications
1 - V.Cappellini, A.Del Mastio, A.De Rosa, A.Nozzoli, "The "Safeguard of Cultural Heritage" project: when the art can benefit from technology", in The Frescoes of Casa Vasari in Florence, 2006, pp. 39-64

2 - F.Bartolini, M.Barni, R.Caldelli, M.Corsini, V.Cappellini, A.De Rosa, A.Del Mastio, A.Piva, A.Nozzoli, "The research of the Image Processing and CommunicationsLab of the University of Florence in the cultural heritage field", in Optical Metrology forArts and Multimedia (EOM03), R. Salimbeni Editor, Proceedings of SPIE,vol. 5146, 25/06/2003-26/06/2003, pp. 116-126, Munich, Germany

3 - F.Bartolini, R.Caldelli, V.Cappellini, A.De Rosa, A.Nozzoli and A.Piva, "How Watermarking can Really Safeguard Intellectual Property Rights of a Virtual  Museum", Proceedings EVA 2000 FLORENCE, ELECTRONIC IMAGING & THE VISUAL ARTS pp. 125-130, Firenze, Italy, March 27-31, 2000

4 - F. Bartolini, R. Caldelli, V. Cappellini, A. De Rosa, M. Wada, A. Nozzoli and A. Piva, "Watermarking for I.P.R. Protection of the Tuscany & Gifu Art Virtual Gallery", in Internet Imaging, Beretta, Schettini, Editors, Proceedings of SPIE Vol. 3964, pp. 362-371, San Jose, CA, 26-28 January 20005

5 - M. Bacci, F. Baldini, V. Cappellini, R. CarlĂ , R. Linari, A. Nozzoli, "Il colore dei pigmenti usati nella tecnica dell'affresco", Arte e tecnica del restauro KERMES, n. 4 Gennaio- Aprile 1989 pp.5-9, Nardini Ed.