About the event

The event is promoted by the four doctorate programs at the Engineering School of the University of Florence. It aims to facilitate acquaintance among PhD students and facilitate contamination between knowledge and experiences in different research domains. Participation to the event is open to all PhD students, master students, PhD students advisors, and anyone who wish to attend, even if only partially. Representatives of industries and companies are also welcome.
PhD students of the XXXVI, XXXVII, XXXVIII, XXXIX cycle are invited to propose a short presentation (12 at most from each of the three Departments will be selected).
PhD students of the XXXVI, XXXVII, XXXVIII, XXXIX cycles are invited to present posters, either individually or as a research group (up to 5 people).

The event will take place on May 23rd, 2024.

It is possible to vote for your favorite poster(s), either through the QR code you will find on each poster or directly through this link. You can also vote for your favourite oral presentations through this link. In order to vote, a @unifi.it or @edu.unifi.it email address is required.

At the end of the PhD Day 2024 winners of the Best Poster Award and of the Best Presentation Award will be announced. There will be a winner for each Department (so three winners for the best poster, three winners for the best presentation). Each winner (or winning team) will receive a certificate and a 500€ increase in their research budget (note that students belonging to the XXXVI cycle are not eligible for the prize). Winners of the best presentation award will not be considered as candidates for the best poster award. In case the winner is a team, each member will receive the certificate and the research budget will be shared among team members.

Where to find us

The event will take place at the Engineering School, via Santa Marta 3, 50139, Florence (FI), Italy, in room 060 (possibly with streaming in room 045) and in the area in front of the Engineering Library.

Tentative program

1. Prof. Stefano Cannicci - UNIFI PhD delegate
2. Prof. Alessandro Fantechi - President of the School of Engineering
3. Dr.ssa Chiara Mazzi - Process Uniti Manager, KTO - Placement and Entrepreneurship of CSAVRI
4. Raffaella Moscatelli - Library
9:15 - 12:15 - TED TALKS
The following PhD students will present their works in this order: Francesca Tuci, Leonardo Pagamonci, Giulia Bertazzini, Chenxi Wang, Beatrice Francalanci, Davide Pucci, Rebecca Agati, Claudio Galli, Francesco Lagonigro, Daniele Sartirano, Shreyas Ramanagar Sridhara, Umberto Sardi, Aurel Pjetri, Shoaib Ameer, Martina Ricci, Alessia Valzelli, Daniele Martuscelli, Pietro Benvenuti, Giacomo Giannetti, Mohammadreza Mohaseb Karimlou, Andrea Ademollo, Lorenzo Becchi, Farshad Rahmani, Valentina Potnik, Saliha Büşra Gündüz, Roberto Giannelli, Giulio Vichi, Elena Denisova, Mathias Hehle, Niccolò Grilli, Cosimo Aliani, Lorenzo Brocchini, Alessio Anticaglia, Giacomo Borghini, Alemayehu Shanko. 12:45 - POSTER SESSION